Dolpchain is a new collection inspired by a world habited by dolphins with a very human appearance…

Dolpchain cards are NFTs built in the WAX blockchain and the collectors can buy and sell these cards in Atomichub. Nowadays we are launching the event cards that will be distributed by free through different ways, previously announced in Twitter. In the following months we’ll distribute new event cards and soon, we’ll announce the first generation of Dolps.

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Sign up to our whitelist to participate in exclusive free drops just for Twitter followers. You just need to send your Wax wallet and your Twitter user. Drops will be announced in Twitter and will last few seconds until the NFTs are over, so you need to watch out, if you want to get one. Only the wallets in the whitelist can claim the NFTs.

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Each Dolp had 6 limited rarities, the first rarities are distinguished by the frame color. Each high level of rarity adds a detail to the picture.

Dolku common

Dolku uncommon

The epic Dolps or high rarity, will have a frame with an exclusive theme! The frames for the lowest rarities will be common for all Dolps.

Dolku rare

Dolku epic

The legendary and mythic Dolps are the most limited. Also, it keeps the exclusive frame and have more complete pictures.

Dolku legendary

Dolku mythic


Some Dolp cards can only be got through the craft. The first making will get the first mint of these cards, so that will be an additional reward for the quickest. All receipts will be published in the craft side and, as always, will be announced in Twitter, so don’t forget to follow us. Another objective of craft is to add more value to the cards that are already in place. It will be necessary to burn different cards to get the crafted one so, cards will be more reduced…